Calvin Klein Unveils First-Ever Middle Eastern Campaign

Fashion is an art form—an ode to the human desire for self-expression. From evening wear to everyday street style, designers delve into a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and prints to help individuals find themselves in the stitches and threads. Now, the all-American fashion brand Calvin Klein is making big waves with their first-ever Middle Eastern Campaign as part of their initiative of signing with Zeitgeist’s leading talents to tap into the thriving artistic community in the region.

The campaign features a series of intimate portraits captured by photographer Sarah Blais, illustrating the rawness of self-expression as a way to visualize the trueness of one’s identity and the artistry of styling fashion. The choice of portraits shows the beauty of the campaign’s message by highlighting Middle Eastern features to allow customers to find representation within one of the most influential fashion brands of its time.

The campaign features five of the Arab world’s most creative and influential artists.  They were given the opportunity of showing their own personal style through Calvin Klein’s new product line.

Take a look at the talents that helped define the essence of this ground-breaking campaign:

Lana Al Beik is a Palestinian/Syrian model and filmmaker based in Dubai who uses her platform to showcase her artistic passions that give voice to her heritage. She also shares her fashionable and experimental fashion taste while fully embracing her Middle Eastern features.

Lughass, a photographer and visual artist communicates his artistic passions in the form of photography and music. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, he remains true to his identity by focusing on showcasing the beauty found in Middle Eastern heritage and minimalist fashion.

Creations of LA is a multimedia artist that expresses his skills and creative capabilities in an inviting array of formats and mediums. He displays his sense of style through a modern and futuristic lens that pushes the limits of traditional fashion.

Shahad Salman a Saudi Arabian fashion icon and model focused on empowering women and is a self-love advocate that raises awareness on living with Vitiligo. Her sense of style is highly expressionistic and defies fashion norms by experimenting with different mediums.

 Sonia, the Saudi Arabian singer-songwriter who within her music and style, is unapologetically herself. She is defined as a creative and free spirit that inspires others to express the truest version of themselves.

Seeing diversity and representation through the faces of regional influencers is vital to the growth of the artistic revolution found within the talents across the Middle East. Calvin Klein’s Middle Eastern campaign coaxes the inspiration necessary to fuel the creative drive through varying identities and mediums.

7agat 7elwa Tanya Kidda

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