Holistic Wellness Meets Rustic Charm at the North Coast’s Newest Beach Destination ‘Masaya’

A refreshing departure from the bustle and commercial confines of Egypt’s North Coast, Masaya—a new Sidi Abd El Rahman beach destination—is a true labor of love, exuding rustic charm with chic minimalist overtones while still indulging us in the finer things in life. No detail is too small to be neglected at this serene beach escapade; Rustic furnishings, smatterings of exotic hues and unobstructed views of the shimmering Mediterranean makes the boutique beach development a study in understated charm.

Conceptualized as a respite from the ever-increasing commercialization of Sahel, Masaya places a heavy emphasis on natural rawness. By artfully interweaving organic elements with contemporary delights, the mastermind behind Masaya, real estate developer EGYGAB, managed to create a laid-back, wellness-oriented space that encapsulates the nostalgic spirit of a serene Sahel—one untainted by swarming crowds and relentless commercial ventures.

Masaya calls on you to slow down, unwind and reconnect—with yourself and the edenic natural surroundings. With the help of a fine array of homegrown brands, Masaya immerses its residents in a holistic, human-centric wellness experience that nurtures the mind, body and soul while still staying true to the bougie Sahel spirit (yes, of course there are acai bowls). 

In cultivating this diverse space, a number of socially-responsible brands came together to offer their unique services and culinary experiences. In terms of nourishing the body and keeping you on top of your work, social house and co-working space Commonalties set up shop directly on the beachfront, offering an ethereal space to dine, socialize and unwind. Fancy a refreshing smoothie or acai bowl? Purple B will be serving up all the Instagrammable delights of your dreams. These bad girls aren’t working alone, though. Bittersweet will be running the show, serving up fresh and wholesome eats all summer long to fuel you up for some yoga by the beach at The Mind Gym. After an intensive work out, treat yourself to some natural beauty and personal care products, crafted by no other than female powerhouse Norshek Fawzy. Yoga, brunch and a trip to the Norshek concept store? Fun in the Sahel summer sun just took on a whole other meaning.

7agat 7elwa Tanya Kidda

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