JellyZone is Taking Hurghada on a Sonic Experimental Ride with Wadada Festival

What kicked off as a handful of small house parties at DJ A7ba L-Jelly aka Donia Shohdy’s apartment more than five years ago ended up metamorphosing into one of the most iconic rave series for Cairo’s alternative and niche sounds. Something of a safe haven and talent incubator for the country’s musical misfits, JellyZone has brought to the stage some of the most eccentric and alternative artists, placing a spotlight on some of the most underappreciated sub-genres across the electrical music spectrum.

Now, celebrating five years of pushing the envelope of electric music, JellyZone is pulling out all the stops with the first edition of ‘Wadada’—a two-day mini-festival boasting an irreverent array of favorite local artists and underground international acts across a diversity of soundscapes. The stellar line-up stays true to JellyZone’s eclectic identity bringing international artists Hello Psychaleppo and DJ/producer Antonia XVX to the stage along with a carefully curated selection of local DJs and live performances from Maurice Louca, Molotof, 3Phaz, Nour Fahmy, Sidy, Shawarma, K-Laff, Postdrone, Yaseen, Karim Serry, Nourleq, Onsy, mmmmmmalak and founder A7ba-L-Jelly herself making an appearance.

Running from August 18 to 20, the first-of-its-kind festival is bringing its alternative sound and hypnotic audio-visual experience all the way to Hurghada, marking an exciting departure from their signature Cairo weekend bangers says Founder Donia Shohdy to #HabibiEdit, “Even though we’re celebrating five years of operating and cultivating a sustainable community, this festival is a new test for me. It’s the first edition, a new step, a departure but also a culmination of all our work over the past few years. This isn’t your Cairo weekend banger, this is something completely new. We want to bring our crowd and community to a completely new location, have them excited to travel to a new city and put their complete trust in us with their weekend. “

The two-day festival is embracing an industrial theme for Wadada, brought to life by surreal installation art and exhibitions courtesy of visual artists Qonami and Nader. Alias will elevate the musical experience with cutting-edge visual madness throughout the live sets.

7agat 7elwa Tanya Kidda

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