Not Fay’s Latest Track is a Sonic Tribute to Her Homeland

Egyptian-Swiss artist Not Fay is back just in time with a fresh new release to follow us through the next few months of sea and sun. To celebrate her first publishing of the year, the young vocalist decided to coat her latest track in a hip-moving ambiance, teaming up with a fellow Cairene rapper MCM to shell her last creation out on platforms.

Designed as a sonic tribute to her homeland, the part-Swiss part-Egyptian singer harped her affection for the land of the Pharaohs in mp3 format. For the occasion, the 25-year-old channelled an upbeat and dopamine-triggering energy through her recently-shared record which is quite different from what we’d expect to hear from the usual soloist.

“I love my Egyptian heritage and my Egyptian supporters have been there from day 1 and I wanted for us to connect on some of my music. I’ve had this song sitting in my files for a while but I felt like it was missing something and I tried and tried and couldn’t find that thing. I didn’t want to release it until I felt I had it,” Nof.Fay told The Habibi Edit.

“This is my little thank you to Egypt and hopefully the first of many,” she confessed.

It’s been a long year since Not.Fay was last seen sharing minutes of a track with a fellow musician. On that same matter, the Geneva-based artist shared insight on how the duo initially connected and went on about the collaborative single.

“A couple months back, I had a thought and posted on my story asking for Egyptian rappers to send me music. I really had a specific sound in my head and wanted to find just that,”

“This was by far the easiest collab ever. MCM not only did his damn thing on the track, he really took it to the next level,” Not Fay continued.

Undeniably refreshing and in definite symbiosis with the poolside mood that is yet to come, expect Not Fay’s latest release to be the summer anthem you didn’t know you needed.

7agat 7elwa Tanya Kidda

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