Renowned Superyacht Designer Ushers in New Era of Indulgent Travel with World’s First Luxury Private Train

This private train comes with a hefty price tag of USD 350 million.

Ushering in a new era of luxury travel, international acclaimed French private jet and Superyacht designer extraordinaire Thierry Guagain is brewing up the first-of-its-kind private luxury train. The prolific designer is renowned for the masterful vessels he designs for some of the world’s elite. His long career stretches across more than thirty years where he kept busy dabbling in extravagant projects such as Steve Jobs’ 80-meter superyacht. Now, the design giant is diving into the world of luxury trains, bringing the world a new million luxury vehicle donned the G train that comes with a whopping USD 350 million price tag.

Brought to life with a vision for an environmentally responsible alternative to private jet travel, the G Train leaves a light ecological footprint, employing a hybrid solution that utilizes electric hydrogen with diesel-electric engines. The project’s pre-development phase launched four years ago with some of the world’s most renowned engineers and architects including Stadler, Saint-Gobain, Eckersley O’Callaghan, Vision System, Marine Guard and DWH hopping on board. The G Train is now for purchase and will take around two years to complete.

The train is split up into two distinct compartments to ensure privacy and comfort. One section is dedicated solely for the owner’s accommodation and entertainment space and the other is intended to house the live-in crew and overnight guests. For parties and extravagant bashes, the train’s wings fold down to reveal an expansive terrace. This train isn’t just for parties though, boasting a lush garden and a ‘toy chest’ to house cars, motorbikes, etc. Flexing the ingenuity and innovation of the esteemed designer, the G Train’s exterior is fully sheathed with technical smart glass that transitions from transparent to a gold-toned opacity with a push of a button.

Welding together art and technology, the G train plays with light, acting as a theatrical stage that continually morphs according to the climate and surroundings. This extravagant palace on wheels runs up to 160 kilometers an hour, supported by four custom locomotives that adapt to railways across the Americas and Europe, giving the owner flexibility to stop anywhere. The 14-car train is covered in 3,500 sqm of special glass, fusing together tech and opulence to create a masterpiece that will leave an indelible mark on the designer’s three-decade career. This palace on rails is designed exclusively for a single—very lucky—owner but has the capacity to house 18 overnight guests.

7agat 7elwa Tanya Kidda

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