Soof and Omar Offendum Gush with Gratitude in Groovy New Single ‘Show Love’

Egyptian- & Syrian-American Artists Soof and Omar Offendum joined forces to bring us a head-nodding, gratitude-gushing celebration of love and the blessings that surround us. Recorded in coast-to-coast sessions, Cairo meets Damascus meets LA meets NYC in this smash of a collab.

Show Love is the third single in lead up to Soof’s upcoming album Dreams in Kufi. Staying true to their old-school hip hop roots, Soof and Omar bring a classic yet fresh vibe with an undeniably funky groove and a hook that begs you to sing along.

With Soof on production, he infuses the single with a funky, organic and energetic feel. To add to the love, Soof and Omar are joined by over 20 friends and family members on the chorus and in the outro which gives the song a big and warm call and response energy. The structure, writing and vocal production throughout the song are in themselves a musical embodiment of showing love. “This collaboration with Soof has been years in the making. As fathers, friends & artists, our understanding of love gets deeper with each passing year — to which these lyrics are an honest reflection of that growth,” shares Omar Offendum.

Both MCs bring catchy flows with high energy and witty lines to the track in different but complementary styles, and both have more in store. Omar is fresh off a five-show run in NYC of his one-of-a-kind hip-hop musical Little Syria which he’s readying to tour and adapting for the screen. Soof promises another single or two before releasing his album and multi-format exhibition exploring ancestry Dreams in Kufi.

Show Love is out everywhere courtesy of Levantine Music and Empire WANA.

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