Syrian-Croatian Indie Artist Releases Anxiety-Inducing Experimental Single ‘Eyes on Me’

A departure from the unbending confines of pop, Dania’s latest drop ‘Eyes on Me’ is a fresh take on anxiety, immersing listeners in a heart-felt story with imitable charm and effortless grace. Accompanied by a visually-stunning, anxiety-inducing music video, the upbeat track is an experimental and surreal lullaby, soothing listeners with an inviting orchestra of ethereal vocals and jazzy instrumentals buttressed by heavy-hitting synths, acoustic snares and a hypnotizing electric guitar.

The American Syrian-Croatian ‘sad girl’ found her voice and identity in Philadelphia, going on to share her heavenly voice with the rest of the world, sending seismic waves through the diasporic Arab music landscape. Her rich tapestry of music dives into themes of longing, pain, loss, and alienation while exploring her cultural roots and hyphenated identity.

Dania’s angelic yet somber voice intertwines seamlessly with the undulating melody, creating a harmonious symphony that contrasts beautifully against the poignant, heart-pumping visuals in the music video. The video is crawling with eyes, highlighting the wide and beady glare of judgement that is almost suffocating. Adorned with an apocalyptic dressing of sick eyes, Dania’s face metamorphose into a melting mess of wax, expressing the heavy toll judgment and anxiety has on one’s identity and self-esteem.

This latest release comes hot on the tale of her previous drop ‘Friends/Strangers’—an intimate ode to lost friendships, heartbreak and love. These two drops of 2022 follow an almost year-long hiatus where Dania took the time to experiment with new melodic sounds, genres and styles. The versatile and indie-pop singer-songwriter and musician draws influence from her cross-cultural background, masterfully weaving together Arab melodies and Western-inspired alternative beats for a soulful fusion of culture and sounds. Her music flows between the euphoric Arab ballads of Fairouz, the soulful alt-pop sound of Lana Del Ray and the timeless and snazzy jazz of Billie Holiday.

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